Improve Your Skin

There are different ways to improve your skin. The best thing to do for dry skin when treating acne is avoid alcohol. It is important because these can dry your skin out. Try to keep thing moisturized even if you are treating a blemish. It is very important to put skin blemish medication JUST on the blemish and nothing more if possible. That way you can make sure you are not causing anything new.

It is best to use an oil-free moisturizer, yet it is important to understand that oil is not bad for the skin. Some good oils penetrate the skin to ensure it is healing the best it can. If you continue to use harsh products you will need to up the amount of moisturizing you are doing. If it is necessary, move on to a more moisturizing product such as jojoba oil. This oil can rejuvenate skin and make it feel and look supple instead of dried out. Dry, overly tired skin does not look great either and can really take away from your acne progress. Make sure you are protecting your skin depending on what the weather is like. If it is particularly dry it needs tons of moisture. Get a good moisturizer and make sure you are applying it generously. The best thing to do is find a skin care regimen that is best for your skin type. Once things settle down you will be able to treat your skin and work on getting rid of things like acne scars. This can be the most difficult part of “curing” acne and can take time. You can start to see improvements right away and it will make a difference in the long run. The more aware you are of your skin the better it will look and feel.

Acne outbreaks are similar to herpes outbreaks. Though they have their differences, they arise similarly. Herpes is caused by a virus and acne is caused by imbalanced sebum production in the skin. Yet both come in outbreaks and can take some time to clear up. They are both persistent skin conditions and both can take months to get under control.  With both, there is a trial and error period that usually has to happen in order to actually find solutions that work.

For acne, different skin types respond to different dermatological prescriptions. What works for one persons skin may not work for someone else! For instance, some people respond particularly well to benzoyl peroxide while others skin can no tolerate it. The oil cleansing method is a natural technique that can help improve the skin. It is so important to do your research before beginning this but this method works for many people. You use a deep cleaning oil such as castor oil to purge your pores while combining it with jojoba oil to nourish and some tea tree oil to help combat existing acne. It will radically help to improve your skin and skin tone.

Do not cleanse your face too much. Every morning and night it is a good idea to wash your face with something gentle to fit acne. Then tone your face with witch hazel. Using witch hazel as a toner will greatly soothe the skin and help it look much better after washing. Lastly, add any serums to help skin cell production. This will advance the skin and make it more even. Evenness should always be the goal.

Healing acne scars will also be key. The more you can deep clean your pores, the better. Some people use mechanical devices such as the clarisonic to help with acne. This will get deep down into your pores to debunk anything that’s congested deep down.

Learning to Deal with Herpes

Having genital herpes is something many people are afraid to admit. The reality is, it can happen to anyone. Even if you’ve slept with 1, or 1 million people, you are just as much at risk. The virus is highly transmittable and usually passed on when someone has sexual relations irresponsibly, with multiple partners, with someone with a history of drugs, or when they do not know they have the virus because no symptoms are present. Numerous people don’t know that they have it because they do not express obvious symptoms. Also, they might lack the ability to understand their symptoms are in fact genital herpes. However, if the virus is dormant within their system and they do not know they have it, it is extremely dangerous. For this reason, many people continue to become infected.

Genital herpes does not have to ruin your life but it is something you have to be honest about when it comes to yourself and sexual partners. You cannot keep information like that secret because you will be infecting other people against their will. Genital herpes is something you really need to talk to your partner about immediately, even if it was just a onetime thing. It is important to find out when you contracted it and by whom. It is not fair to anyone; who is not infected or do not know if they are infected,  if you do not tell them right away because you are scared of their reaction. Try to remain calm and tell them the truth.

First let them know how common genital herpes is. You can even pull up statistics on how common it is, how easily transmittable, just so you feel like you have something to back you up. Be prepared for them to be hurt, upset, scared and anything else they may feel. Remember, they have the right to be shocked and feel what they need to just as much as you have the right to be honest with them. So, be aware of that, be ready for it, and just know it will mellow the more you explain things to them and the more they understand about the disease and your situation.

Next, it is important to tell them how you found out and what means you are using to treat it. If they see that you have been proactive about it, they will respect you more. Just as if you have the nerve to tell them, they will eventually realize that is was a very respectful and brave thing to do and you did it out of protection for them. Again, you will want to tell them how you found out. It is good when dealing with genital herpes that you just be as honest as possible.

One of the most important things is that you seek medical treatment immediately. Sustain from sexual intercourse or any kind of sexual relations until you have spoken to your doctor. It makes a big difference if you can understand the virus, the symptoms and the treatment options; rather than just staying in the dark and possibly infecting other people.

A Different Form of Herpes

herpes_zosterWhat is Herpes Zoster?

Chicken pox is a societal norm. It’s part of growing up, quite frankly. Every gets chicken pox and it’s not really that big of a deal. It comes, your parents fight with you not to itch it, and then it’s over. Some people are left with scars after the rash heals. These scars can be diminished with various skin care products. However, sometimes the virus remains in our nerve endings where we can’t see it, hiding in our bodies until it is resurfaced as an infection known as  Shingles.

Shingles is an extremely uncomfortable and painful rash that happens to those whom have already had chicken pox. The virus known as varicella-zoster virus is what causes Shingles. It usually occurs much later after the initial chicken pox outbreak; sometimes decades before the shingles rash emerges.

Herpes Zoster Complications

Unfortunately, shingles is a lot harsher than the chickenpox. People believe that herpes zoster strikes when people are beginning to get older and their body is going through changes such as a weakened immune system, stress and other conditions. The majority of people with shingles is over sixty years old and clearly has lowered immune systems. The shingles rash usually occupies the torso area. It usually begins around the spine and works up along the body. Usually, only one part of the body is infected. The blisters can be very deep and extremely painful. Once they rupture, they then turn to scars.

The herpes zoster virus can also infect the face. There are three different branches of nerves in the face and this can occur on the face due to its location of the virus in the spine. The virus is much stronger on the face than it is on the chest or back. It is dangerous to have these blisters near your mouth and your eyes. It can even be as extreme as to result in blindness if it’s not taken care of.

The most extreme circumstances will leave its sufferers with postherpetic neuralgia. This is when the virus stays in the nerves and leaves the skin where the rash was painful to touch for years to come. This is most severe in people over 50.

1 in 5 people that have shingles get the postherpetic neuralgia and most of them see that pain subside in one to three months. For those that have really extreme cases, there is medication to the skin rash and also the mental issues that come along with it.


Unfortunately, shingles can cause possible nerve damage, so it must be treated much more seriously and immediately. Treatment options are basically the same as the treatment options for Genital Herpes. Older sufferers, especially those with immune deficiencies need to take extra precaution. They might be recommended to take anti-viral medication, pain reducers, or even intravenous drugs if severe enough. Just remember it is not the same disease, they are just from the same family. Shingles cannot be contracted through sexual activity.  Treatment within 72hrs of the onset of the rash is encouraged. This will ensure that the medications do their job; which is to speed the healing process, decrease the pain, and prevent future complications.

Treatment and Prevention

000The number one thing you should do if you think you have a herpes outbreak is to have a doctor diagnose you immediately. He’ll want to see an active herpes lesion to be able to swab it and find out. If you find out you have herpes talk to your physician about what you can do to manage herpes outbreaks and prevent transfer to others.

Some people take prescription medication, acyclovir or famciclovir or valacyclovir. Any of these three will take care of some of the issues but will not combat the virus itself. The virus stays within the nerve endings and can be extremely difficult to actually treat besides some natural products. Natural products use a 4 pronged system to trap the disease and use that method to isolate it while making sure to take away the symptoms. Without the virus surfacing, the symptoms and signs of infection will no longer be visible. It is best to understand the signs and symptoms also so you can tell when an outbreak is coming. These blemishes may not seem like much but it is better to know that they are coming.

One thing to be aware of is that viral shedding can still occur between outbreaks. This is important to understand because it means you can still pass it to your partner even when you are not experiencing any symptoms.

One treatment that has recently been gaining ground is Fenvir, which has the potential to wipe the prescription medications off the board. It speeds up the healing of current outbreaks while also preventing new ones from emerging. It prevents the viral shedding that is a big cause of infection transfer. After taking this product, many but not all, people who have taken it for three or more months have reported being outbreak free. Some stop taking it while others continue to use it just to ensure its success. Please note that there is no cure for the herpes simplex virus that causes genital herpes, however, Fenvir is an improved product that can really help you manage your outbreaks.

Other accommodations can be made to help during an outbreak. Make sure you soak in warm water and use a gentle soap to clean the sores. This way you will keep everything clean and this can speed the healing. Also, always make sure you are wearing breathable clothing (underwear) so that the skin can get oxygen to heal. This may be difficult if you’re used to wearing tighter fitting clothes but it will greatly help the situation. Underwear is even more important because it can really irritate it. Make sure to try cotton underwear so that you can breathe.

Outbreaks are hard to deal with but if you keep your mind set on the healing process your skin WILL get better. The best thing you can do is work on treatment. It can be extremely helpful to understand the way in which herpes is passed along. If you are affected by any of the above skin conditions of break outs and blemishes get help!

The above treatment options can also work for HSV-1, cold sores or “fever blisters”. It is all about understanding the type of virus and learning the triggers and prevention strategies. You can lead a happier, outbreak free life if you learn the facts and get the help you need.

Being Aware of Herpes Symptoms

111One reason genital herpes spreads so easily or so fast is because a lot of people are not aware of the warning signs. If you are having sexual relations with more than one partner, have a partner that isn’t completely honest, or you are just someone who likes to take extra precaution, it is important to understand the symptoms of genital herpes to prevent contracting the virus or passing it on. The same symptoms can present themselves in men and women, although both may also show no signs or symptoms. It depends on the individual person’s immune system and other factors.

Because genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, once you have the disease in your body you have the virus for life. Even if it does not show symptoms, it will be hiding out in your body until something triggers it to surface again and show an outbreak.

Women and Herpes

Herpes is more commonly contracted when a man infects a women rather than a women infecting a man. For instance, if one male has HSV type 2 genital herpes and has sexual relations with 3 or more partners, it is more likely he will transfer the virus to the women, rather than if a woman had multiple partners, it would be less likely all three of the men would become infected.

Of cases of genital herpes where individuals did show symptoms, in women symptoms can occur in as little at 2 to 10 days. The initial breakout will be the worst. The breakout may last up to three weeks with no treatment or no special attention paid to it. The symptoms may resemble a cold or the flu. The skin of the affected area will be sensitive, burning, itching, tingling, or painful. Since women have menstrual cycles and already pose a risk to yeast infections it is very important to care for genital herpes so that complications do not persist or develop. A woman is more susceptible to an outbreak if she is on her period. Also, by having genital herpes she might also be more susceptible to other infections such as yeast infections, urinary infections and so on. It is very important to discover a treatment for women, so that the symptoms do not get worse and cause scarring. Although not everyone suffers from symptoms, some can be extremely painful affecting one’s daily life.

Overall Symptoms

There are also symptoms that occur before the initial breakout and the subsequent breakouts that can help indicate the oncoming one. Some of these may be itching or burning, unusual discharge, lymph nodes swelling and flu like symptoms.

Someone who is infected; male or female,  may also feel a tingling feeling that can mean an outbreak is approaching. The sores or blisters that eventually emerge can look like tiny pimples at first. The sores can be tiny or large, corn sized sores. The sores will eventually burst and then scab over to heal up as the outbreak heals. They may be a single bump or they can appear in lesions. They can appear anywhere on the anus, buttocks, thighs or genitals.

With no treatment, the symptoms can occur on a monthly basis. There are many medications and homeopathic natural remedies and treatments that can assist in finding a successful way to treat genital herpes.

Make sure you set up a strong support system so that you can have people there for you while dealing with the news. It may seem life changing and scare you initially, but if dealt with properly, it can be controlled and not as life inhibiting as you may feel it is at that moment. Just make sure that you realize you need to deal with it and recognize the signs. It is better to find a result sooner than later that will help treat your genital herpes and prevent it from being spread to someone else.


An Introduction to Genital Herpes

000An STD or sexually transmitted disease is any virus that is spread between two people when sexual contact happens. If one person is infected, the chances are extremely high that their partner will be as well. These types of viruses are spread sexually because usually the germs from the virus die immediately outside of the body. The viruses may also be known as venereal disease which can be called VD. Of the many diseases that can be passed sexually, genital herpes is one of the most common.

Genital Herpes can be contracted without any knowledge. Many people who are infected with HSV-2 are not even aware of the virus they are carrying. All it takes is for one infected person to unknowingly transfer the disease to another person by sharing sexual relations. That newly infected person takes it to someone else obliviously, and thus the cycle repeats. It must be stressed how important it is to seek medical attention if symptoms of an outbreak occur. The spreading can be prevented as well as complications, if you contact your doctor right away and sustain from any sexual contact until you learn how to manage genital herpes. Click on the tabs above to learn  the symptoms, causes and treatment of genital herpes. Also for more information you can go to Fenvir.